Prem Jyoti Prangan

Prem Jyoti Prangan is not just a school. Supported and run by Tata Steel executives wives, it is a vision for spreading the light of education amongst the children from underprivileged sections of the society. It is a dream that was first seen by Mrs. Maya Ghosh who started this school in the courtyard of her Northern Town home in Jamshedpur with three small children in the year 1977. Now, after three decades Prem Jyoti Prangan has blossomed into a full-fledged school with classes from KG to Class X and is located under the galleries of Keenan Stadium. From here it enlightens more than 600 children.

The school has 18 spacious rooms for the students, and several amenites. There is a library for helping the students in getting reference books, a science laboratory with modern equipment and a computer centre for learning computer. The open area behind the spectators’ gallery at the Keenan Stadium has now been converted into a lawn where all the group activities are held.

Prem Jyoti has a simple ideology – to provide coaching at nominal charges to students, so that the underprivileged families are encouraged to send their children to school. At Prem Jyoti the students are not only imparted education but, they are also taught to have dignity and self respect. The school imparts education with love and joy and the knowledge is imparted on the basis of the learning capability of an individual student. This philosophy has made it different from every other school where knowledge is linked with age.

The students are mentored by a dedicated team of educationists who are well experienced in guiding them and preparing them for a better future. It is the result of their endeavor that for the past three years all the students of the school have successfully passed the Secondary Examination. Majority of these students have gone to the college and become successful professionals. The mentors keep close eye on the ability of the students and impart such level of education to them which is right for them.

There are several success stories emanating from Prem Jyoti. Swapna Patnaik, a topper from JUSCO in 2008 is now pursuing Information Technology from Bangalore. Another success story is of Aman Jha a topper in 2011, who is currently preparing for the entrance examination of IITs.

All these have been made possible because of the contribution made by individual donors and corporate houses that trusted the initiative and helped Prem Jyoti Prangan achieve that height which was earlier dreamt by the founder.